Joël Felderhoff

- PhD Sudent at the ENS de Lyon

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I am PhD student in the AriC team in the LIP laboratory in the ENS de Lyon, in France, working under the supervision of Damien Stehlé.

My PhD thesis is about algorithmic over structured lattices, motivated by cryptography and I am interested in general by public key cryptography and application of number theory and algebra in computer science.

Teaching and tutoring

Quantum Computer Science

Lecture by Omar Fawzi. Semester 1, 2021.

Girls Can Code!

A one week long programming summer camp for girls.
Tutoring : 2017-2021. Organization : 2018-2021.


A programming contest for young people.
Organization, exercices writting and oral examination : 2017-2021.

Research Projects

Research internships

Feb-July 2021

A CHSP Oracle for Arakelov Class Group
Supervised by Léo Ducas
Crypto group , CWI, Amsterdam. [report (soon)]

Sept 2020-Feb 2021

Impossibility results for Module LLL based on Euclidean Division
Supervised by Damien Stehlé
AriC team, LIP laboratory, ENS de Lyon. [report]

Summer 2019

Hard Homogenous Spaces and Commutative Supersingular Isogeny based Diffie–Hellman
Supervised by Benjamin Smith
GRACE team, Laboratoire d'Informatique de l'École Polytechnique (LIX). [report]

Summer 2018

Homological product code and weight of random tensors
Supervised by Péter Vrana
QMATH team, Department of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Copenhagen. [report]

Summer 2017

Walking along the infrastructures of real quadratic and pure cubic fields
Supervised by Pierre Jean Spaenlehauer, M. Spaenlehauer.
CARAMBA team, INRIA Nancy - Grand Est, France. [report]


Les Réseaux des Neurones Formels
ENS de Lyon's selective exam mandatory task "TIPE".
ENS de Lyon.. [report] (fr) [code]
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